The ideal Teacher

This activity contains 64 questions, which can be answered both by yourself and your students, so that you can have an image of what kind of teacher you are.

When you/they have responded to each of the criteria, you can calculate the type of teacher that you think you are and the type of teacher that your childrens think you are.

The scores represent  the type of classroom you have described using two different criteria, first the level of co-operation that the teacher showed (from co-operative to oppositional) and second the level of dominance that the teacher displayed from the teacher dominating the classroom (and the students being submissive) to the teacher being submissive (and with students dominating the classroom).

Finally, according your scores, you can build a spider’s web, so that you have the image of the answers that have been given.

I did this activity and I am very happy to find out that my students think that I am a helping, friendly and understanding teacher. I would like to share with you my results. The red is my answers and the blue are my students’ answers.

resultsYou can find the answers and the other details in the following link.



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