The “best thinking” time

The “best thinking” time

By Evangelidou Foteini,

March 2014, Greece

Every person thinks plenty of things during a day. Our thoughts have the power to prescribe many of our actions in a vital way. But have you ever wondered when do you have the most thoughts? When do you think about the most important themes and when do you make the most influential decisions?

The course “Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction” gave me the opportunity to discover what those moments are, that I have my “best” and the most meaningful thinking.

The following image depicts those moments of a day that I often/sometimes/never think about several things that I want to do, not only in my learning/teaching processes, but also generally in my life.

best thinking

When I filled this sheet out, I discovered on the one hand what helps me significantly in my thinking processes, such as music and exercising, and on the other hand what moments are the “toxins” of my thinking!!!

Perhaps, it would be helpful to you too, is you tried to fill this paper out. For this reason, I have uploaded for an empty one and it would be really interesting to learn about your “best thinking” moments !!!!

my best


2 responses

  1. good job. I like it )

    1. Thank you a lot! I hope you are going to discover your Best Thinking Moment too.

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