My Teachable Moment

My Teachable Moment

By Evangelidou Foteini

March 2014, Greece


A teachable moment is an opportunity which is unplanned and arises unexpectedly in classroom. At that moment, a teacher recognizes what is happening in the class and has a chance to discover the insight world and thoughts of the students. Teachable Moments are ideal for making connections, extending knowledge, dealing with new interesting themes and generally enriching the learning processes.

My Teachable Moment

One day, I was asked by a student what are the differences between poems and fairytales, as he couldn’t understand, why some poems could be sung while fairytales couldn’t. My students were 6 years old and most of them didn’t know the differences.

I was surprised, as I haven’t met their difficulty before. I thought what the best way was for them, in order to come in contact with these writing kinds. I decided that they had to familiarize with poems and fairytales, see their structure, read their vocabulary and listen to them. For these reasons, I took them to the library and gave them books with poems and fairytales. The children worked in groups and all of them had to read one poem and one fairytale. Then, they had to identify the differences and discuss about them.

Finally, all groups created pictures which depicted the structure of a poem or a fairytale. They did fully understand to recognize them and to name the basic features of each kind. They also understood why poems could be sung, as their structure is similar to a song’s one.

That was one of my teachable moment that I had with my students!! It was an amazing and  constructive experience!


2 responses

  1. I love your teachable moment. Children this age can be so delightful. They are very lucky to have a teacher who recognizes teachable moments and makes the effort to answer their questions. Lovely!

    1. Thank you very much for your comments! 🙂 Teachable moments are great oppotunities to deal with things that are interesting for the children!

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