The Tasks of a Teacher

The tasks of a Teacher

by Evangelidou Foteini

March, 2014, Greece

A teacher has to do many things in order to be “good” and effective. This course (Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher) gave me the opportunity to think deeper about the tasks which are important to be done by a teacher who loves teaching and learning processes and tries for his students’ progress.

I have made the following list, which is related to these important tasks of a teacher. I have picked 10 tasks that I think are very meaningful for effective learning.

The tasks of a teacher

1. Setting and establishing the appropriate environment for learning.

2. Identifying and clarifying the goals of learning.

3. Motivating and encouraging students.

4. Sequencing subject matter, such as connecting new knowledge to the previous or to the outside world.

5. Understanding individual differences and needs.

6. Providing chances and creating special activities for individual differences and needs.

7. Developing good relationships with his students and their social environment.

8. Recognizing the teachable moments of his students.

9. Being flexible, creative and willing for making appropriate material according to each context.

10. Using variety of teaching style and innovative approaches.

My weaknesses

After writing this list, I have reflected on how I do these tasks and what my weaknesses are. I have identified that I sometimes face problems in clarifying the goals of learning, in a way that is totally understandable by all students. I have to work more, in order to come up against this weak spot.

I would be really interested to listen to your “The tasks of a teacher” weaknesses!


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