Why I Chose to Become a Teacher…?

Why I Chose to Become a Teacher…?

By Evangelidou Foteini

March 2014, Greece

This is a very important question! I have reflected many times on this! Every time I think about it, I always conclude to the same answer! I have become a teacher because I want and try hard for the following wishes:

1.  All children would have the opportunity to learn new things, which will be meaningful and useful for the rest of their lives.

2. All children would discover and develop their talents, and face and deal with their weaknesses.

3. All children would develop their thinking processes and become mentally and critically independent, in order to solve every kind of problem.

4. All children would explore the beauty of new knowledge.

5. All children would become life-long learners and good thinkers.

6. All children would obtain and develop the abilities for their professional future.

7. All children would gain the first necessary sources for making their dreams come true.

8. All children would become social, gain true friendships and live their first imaginary years in a friendly learning environment.

9. All children would always have a person on their side for advices and true support.

10. All children would feel comfortable in the school and be happy.

11. All children would become decent people with ethical values and love in life.

I could make my list of reasons bigger and bigger! But I can contain my overall goal on the phrase: I want to lay the foundation in order all children “build” their life as they have imagined it; I want them to be HAPPY.


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