Teacher Development!


by Evangelidou Foteini, April 2014

I have created the following presentation as an answer to the first assignment in “Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher”.

‘How might you contribute to your own professional development and that of your colleagues?’


I hope you can open this!!!!!


One response

  1. Evaluation/feedback on the above work
    Note: this section can only be filled out during the evaluation phase.

    The ability of the writer to reflect on their experiences of teaching and learning identifying key issues and influences on their current view of teaching. Use references to the course materials or to other sources where possible to connect your views to what the course has covered.

    Score from your peers: 9

    Score from yourself: 8

    The ability of the writer to stand outside their own experiences and examine them critically in light of what they have learned drawing on issues and insights raised during the course so far or from other sources they have used.

    Score from your peers: 8

    Score from yourself: 9

    The ability of the writer to present their ideas, in whatever medium, in a way that is coherent, analytic and convincing

    Score from your peers: 9

    Score from yourself: 9
    The material has been presented in a creative way and attention has been given to making it interesting to the reader

    Score from your peers: 3

    Score from yourself: 3

    If you wish to provide comments for the writer of the peer assessment, please place your comments here.

    self → I think that I should write more about my own experience!

    peer 1 → Very good presentation!. I think you should mention about the influences you had to became a teacher and give more details about experiences as a teacher. Congratulations!

    peer 2 → Fantastic piece of writing

    peer 3 → Beyond just a couple of spelling mistakes I must say that reading your presentation was an utterly enjoyable and informative experience. Your assertions were well thought out and well cited and the website you used to create the presentation appears to be an incredibly invaluable resource. The formatting you were able to utilize combined with the informative text and lovely music allowed your to create what I felt was probably the most engaging non-verbal presentation I have experienced! Kudos, sir or madam! Also, that you for connecting me with that website. ~<3

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