Goofy Film: “Teachers Are People”

Goofy Film: “Teachers Are People”

by Evangelidou Foteini, April 2014

I found the following film accidentally in You Tube! It was created in 1952! It describes a  simple day in a school and how the teacher and the children behave during the lesson time and the time they spend in school!!!!

I agree that there are times that children have a strange behaviour in school and they are unwilling to collaborate and participate in learning processes!!! But what is the role of the teacher?? I think that one of the main purposes is that a teacher should try to gain the interest of students and find ways to lead them in joining happily every learning process. The teacher, who is described in this film, wants only to transfer knowledge, test children and punish them, by writing hundreds of times the same sentence!!! I wish that there is not this kind of classroom in the world anymore! I hope that all classrooms have found their balance and teachers have a great partnership with their students, no matter how old they are! Teachers’ goal is not just transferring knowledge! Teachers’ goal is helping students to discover themselves and acquire the supplies of solving any kind of problem in their lives, not only as children but also later as adults!


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