Find Your Strengths!

Find your strengths

by Evangelidou Foteini, April 2014

I did the  Multiple Intelligence Test, which was recommended by the course “Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher”. I would like to share my results, which was a surprise for me!






The results revealed to me a deeper view of myself and which are my most powerful sides. The result was a surprise to me as I had never noticed that I have such a strong relationship with myself and my reflections. Moreover, it became totally clear to me that I do not have such a big knowledge on music. Generally the results helped me to understand my strengths and my “weaknesses”. 

The most important for me is that this test provides me with many ideas on how to utilize each of my intelligences and how I could develop them. 

It would be really nice to do this Multiple Intelligence Test. I really reveals many sides of yourself!!!!


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