Teacher Burnout

Teacher Burnout

by Evangelidou Foteini, August 2014


Teacher Burnout is a phenomenon, which appears in high levels all over the world. Being a teacher myself, I am very interested in this situation and I always try to be informed about researches and studies which refer to teacher burnout.

Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work.

According to  “”Teacher Burnout is a phenomenon which affects many teachers either within a single school year or over the course of a number of years. Teaching is a very demanding job. Unlike many professions, success in teaching is hard to measure and varies by individual, by course, and by school. Further, teachers are often expected to fulfill many roles. Add in the effects of high stakes testing, and teachers have many pressures on them. This often leads to teachers “burning out.” In the worst case, a teacher may leave the profession because of teacher burnout.””

Because of my need to learn more about teacher burnout, I searched and found some material, which (I think) is interesting and useful. In my opinion, teaching is a very difficult job with many demands and duties. So, teachers need to find ways in order to avoid burnout situations. The following links and videos offer a variety of information as far as teacher burnout is concerned. I hope you to find them useful and interesting…








Coping with teacher burnout

HOW did you find them????????????? :) :) :)

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