Teacher Stress

BY Evangelidou Foteini, August 2014

Stress has been described by the HSE as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them”.  Although stress itself is not a disease, it is recognized that excessive or prolonged stress can be a cause of mental and physical illness.”

Researchers have shown that teachers belong to this category of people who have most of the times high levels of stress. But what are some of the causes of this phenomenon and how can it be avoided???

According to NUT (National Union of Teachers), research evidence has shown that the main sources of the current high levels of teacher stress include:

  • excessive workload and working hours – often exacerbated by a surfeit of government ‘initiatives’
  • poor pupil behavior, which itself is often compounded by issues such as large class sizes
  • pressures of assessment targets and inspections
  • management bullying
  • lack of professional opportunities

As far as myself is concerned, I am an extremely stressful person, who is always worried about everything. However, I can surely say that this situation affects my life and my teaching and learning processes in a very meaningful and bad (most of the time) way. I always try to find information and tips for avoiding stress and I sometimes succeed this. On the other hand, I have to confess that high (NOT too high) stress saved me in some difficult situation, as I had better scheduling and performance.

The following material refers to TEACHER STRESS and explains many sides of this complex phenomenon. You can visit the following links and watch the videos. I find them very interesting and helpful, especially for teachers who are stressful.





I am looking forward to your thoughts and opinions about them…



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