Consistency and Directions

Consistency and Directions

by Evangelidou Foteini, August 2014

According to Melissa Kelly ” Consistency in teaching means that your students know what to expect from you day-to-day. ” Specifically, a teacher should always have a specific behavior and not change it from day-to-day. Both expectations and directions have to be fully understandable by the students in order to have successful learning processes and less misbehavior tax.

At this point, I think that it is important to make clear what directions and expectations are and what the difference between them is.

Directions are what a teacher wants the students to do. For example, “Put your books into your backpack” or “Write the text on your paper” .

Expectations are how a teacher wants the students to do something. For example, “Do this silently” or “Remain in your seats”.

Students always need to know exactly what to do and teachers should figure out what kind of directions will work for them, even if it takes some time. The confusion of the students will have negative results for their learning procedures.

There are some components, which can lead to successful directions and expectations. The following image depicts these components.

Χωρίς τίτλο

ALWAYS remember to be consistent. You could visit the following links for more information about teacher consistency.



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