I am a writer….

My story as a writer…

by Evangelidou Foteini

I am a writer

In my opinion, a writer is not only someone who writes books, articles or poems, in order to publish them. Anyone could be a writer as long as he has a piece of paper and a pencil.
If I wanted to look back and search for my writing moments, I could surely say that I had many of them. I was only 1 year old when I made my first drawing – scribble on a simple piece of paper. Yes, I was a writer then!!!
I was about 4 years old when I wrote my nickname “NOYNH” and after that, I wrote my first words in primary school (6 years old).
Special writing moments for me were them, when I wrote letters and send them to my friends from camp (12 years old). Moreover, my school years were full of writing, such as essays and assignments. But, my first formal assignment, which was really important for me, was my graduation thesis in university. It was hard but very productive!
Furthermore, I made a personal blog, where I write my personal reflections and my experience based on educational themes.
Finally, I was a writer when I wrote a poem – a small one – (18 years old) for my mother, who passed away. I could not forget that moment, as I found a way to express my feelings about the WOMAN who gifted me my life.
I could remember more times that I wrote other letters (to Santa Claus, for example), reflections on my notebook or just essays for school. I strongly believe that my life will be full of writing. It doesn’t matter if I write correctly in Greek or in English with some errors. Writing – in any language – gives me precious opportunities to face my thoughts and feelings and generally to make me a better and wiser person.


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